Bear Hunting

For our unconditional bear hunting!

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If you are planning to come on a bear hunt in Quebec, you have to know that our bear population is very abundant. Two main reasons can explained this interesting situation: the hunting pressure is at a minimum level and the quality of the habitat meets all the needs of our friend the black bear. The Baskatong area is surrounded by millions of acres of forest, rivers, streams and lakes. Wild berries and mushrooms are plentiful and can easily sustain our friend’ s appetite.

Hubert, the owner is a bear lover and as soon as he made his first steps, his father used to take him along as he was visiting his bear stands and baits. As he grew older, every spring he accompanied his father who thought him all the techniques and secrets about choosing a promising site, building a good and secure tree stand and using the proper ingredients for baiting.

He knows the surrounding territory like no one else and will select for you the best sites to make sure you will be successful. With his precious advice and his vast experience acquired over the last 25 years, your chance of seeing and bagging a trophy of a lifetime is far from being impossible.

From mid-May to the end of June

Hunting black bears on baits will be quite an excitement . You will experience new thrills that you don’t always expect but that you will enjoy and remember for ever.


  • Shuttle service at the airport for plane travellers only!
  • Hunting activities are all taken care of
  • Transportation to your hunting sites;
  • Tree or ground stands
  • Hunting guide
  • Bear hunting permit
  • Skinning and salting and other preparation for transportation
  • Fishing or hiking
  • Motorboats and fuel
  • Life jacket

Not included

  • Air fares or ground transportation for non-residents
  • Alcohol beverages
  • Hunting and fishing gears
  • Taxidermy
  • Fishing license
  • Gunfire declaration for customs
  • Tip
  • Hunting licence

Hunting Days

  • 7 overnight and 6 full days of hunting and or fishing

Required equipment

  • 7/64 calibre rifle or over with scope
  • Ammunition (150 to 180 grains);
  • Warm clothing, kaki raingears, summer and camo clothes
  • National hunting permit and passport for non-residents

Fishing and other activities available if so desired

Mornings are devoted to your preferred activities. After a full breakfast, you may decide to go fishing, hiking or to go shopping and visit Mont-Laurier ( 10,000 residents) the nearest town. Others may decide to stay around, enjoy the scenery and get ready for the hunt.

Around 3 O’clock or 15:00, it is time to depart. A 4x4 truck will take you to your hunting site where you will sit in your tree or ground stand, depending on the terrain, for the next 5 hours. Return is scheduled for your return to your cabin around 10 O’clock or 22h. When ready, you will be invited to proceed to our dining room where every night the famous hunter’s meal will be served. While enjoying your preferred drinks and an excellent meal, it will be the time of the day to listen and enjoy everyone hunting stories and excitements.

People accompanying hunters can go hunting or it is also possible for them to visit picturesque places or quite simply to spend one day to make shopping in Mont-Laurier or Maniwaki.

Typical schedule

  • Arrival on Friday and departure the next Friday
  • Approximately 3 hours drive from the Montreal

Day one

Upon your arrival to the airport usually on Friday, a shuttle service will take you to the Pavillon de l’Orignal. Once arrived on premises, you will be invited to join us for the Happy Hour. There after, it will be time to register and get your hunting license. Should you drive, it will take you approximately 3 hours drive to reach us.

Day two

After breakfast, visit to the shooting range and time to relax and get ready for your hunt. Mid afternoon until dark, bear hunting.

Day three to seven

Fishing, hiking, relaxing and bear hunting in the afternoon.

Day 8 (usually a Friday)

Back to the airport with our shuttle service

Method of payment

  • 50% deposit is requested at the reservation
  • The balance is payable 30 days before the arrival

Customers references

References are available on demand.

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