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As early as 1950 until approximately 1975, the Baskatong Reservoir with its 1,600 kilometres of shoreline was known as a walleye paradise among the fishermen family. With time the fishing pressure kept on growing but after a few years, the fishing quality started to diminish considerably.

Something had to be done. Fishermen and outfitters got together and decided to invite the government representatives, mainly the biologists to conduct a large study which could bring some solutions to this growing problem. To make a long story short, they decided that the reservoir had to be stocked and to achive this goal, a local hatchery was built not to far away from existing spawning grounds. A Community Wildlife Reservoir Establishment was also created; this new organisation has specific mandates such as to make sure that the hatchery is properly managed and that the fishing and security regulations are observed by all the fishermen. In order to do so, game warden were hired and are patrolling the reservoir on a constant basis.

Every spring, since 1998, millions of walleyes have been stocked. It took a while until some results could be measured but for the last few years, number of fish caught are increasing in number and size which is very encouraging and promising for all of us.

Years ago, landlocked salmon were stocked and have given unexpected results. On a regular basis, salmons are caught, especially in la Baie au Sable and specimen over 8 pounds have been registered.

For those you are visiting us for a family vacation more than a for fishing trip, perch are very abundant, easy to catch and very popular among the families who want to take their kids fishing.

The kids will love it and you will have just as much fun as them just watching your kids having a great time.

For you walleye, pike and salmon fishermen, the Baskatong has a lot to offer in terms of variety and excitement of all kinds. For your pleasure and enjoyment, the fishing quality is on the rise and there is still a lot to be discovered on this magnificent reservoir.

Our fishermen will be at ease and feel secure at all time with our aluminium boats which are equipped with 9.9 outboard motors and fully reliable.

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