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Here is some information useful to know.

General Rules

  • Campfires are permitted only in areas designated for that purpose!
  • For the tranquility of our customers, the traffic of quads and motorcycles is forbidden on the premises of the outfitter!
  • We have no facilities such as a camping ground. Therefore, tents and campers are not allowed.
  • Only screen type shelters are tolerated for eating outside in peace!.
  • We recommend to you to bring your own bottles of water for drinking. Water in our cottages is good for cooking, bath, shower, etc.

Bear Hunters

It is strongly recommended to take on a daily basis one vitamin b tablet ( 100mg) at least 15 days before your arrival at the Pavillon de l’Orignal.

By doing so, it will strongly diminish eventual reactions to insects bites such as the black flies and the mosquitoes which are very abundant during the spring season.

More flies means that bears are on the move and that the hunting success is better!

Fishing authorizations rates

  Individual Partner
Seasonal $45 $80
7 days $14 $24
3 days $13 $22
2 days $11 $20
1 day $6 $12

For domestic animals and pets

  • Animals of any kind and potentially dangerous to human beings are not allowed on our site
  • Dogs or cats must be under the immediate supervision of their owners, leached and never be allowed to run free on our property!
  • It is important to know that animal owners will be held fully responsible should their be any injury accident or damage caused by their animal

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

  • It is important to know that since September 15, 2009, all people who operate pleasure craft of any size fitted with a motor will have to carry proof of competency.
  • We recommend that you click on the link below to get your boating competency card!
  • If you do not have your card, you can get on the site a temporary permit for the duration of your stay!

Useful Websites

Quebec Outfitters Federation