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General Rules

  • Campfires are permitted only in areas designated for that purpose!
  • We have no facilities such as a camping ground. Therefore, tents and campers are not allowed.
  • Only screen type shelters are tolerated for eating outside in peace!.
  • We recommend to you to bring your own bottles of water for drinking. Water in our cottages is good for cooking, bath, shower, etc.

Fishing authorizations rates

  Individual Partner
Seasonal $45 $80
7 days $14 $24
3 days $13 $22
2 days $11 $20
1 day $6 $12

For domestic animals and pets

  • Animals of any kind and potentially dangerous to human beings are not allowed on our site
  • Dogs or cats must be under the immediate supervision of their owners, leached and never be allowed to run free on our property!
  • It is important to know that animal owners will be held fully responsible should their be any injury accident or damage caused by their animal

Pleasure Craft Operator Card

  • It is important to know that since September 15, 2009, all people who operate pleasure craft of any size fitted with a motor will have to carry proof of competency.
  • We recommend that you click on the link below to get your boating competency card!
  • If you do not have your card, you can get on the site a temporary permit for the duration of your stay!

Useful Websites

Quebec Outfitters Federation